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The Plainstory Podcast: The Sound of Home

WBE members tell the story of the bandura and our ensemble on the Nebraska-based Plainstory Podcast

November 01, 2019

Review of Cycles of Song at the University of Connecticut

By Ihor Kowal

May 11, 2019

Heaven & Earth Rejoice: Classical FM Toronto interview

January 01, 2020

Review of Ukrainian Requiem

A glowing review of our Chicago performance in May 2018.

May 20, 2018

Chicago warmly welcomes WBENA

​A write-up by an audience member from our 2017 performance in Chicago. 

October 27, 2017

Ukrainian Weekly's 2016 Year in Arts

​The WBENA is listed as a newly-born artistic group, alongside other exciting cultural projects. 

January 27, 2017

Women's Bandura Ensemble makes a historic debut

A write-up from the Ukrainian Weekly about our 4 debut performances in Fall of 2016. 

December 23, 2016

East Coast regional premiere concert

The East Coast Regional group's first-ever concert in February of 2016. Although this was not the full WBENA, it was the ensemble's first concert. 

April 22, 2016

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